Since 2008

LUXURY AND COMFORT FOR CORPORATE AND LEISURE STAYS, HOTEL CROWN INN is located in the heart of city, a great place for lodging and dining with new concepts of guest services and which will ensure safe and comfortable stay for our valued future guests.

If you are looking for convenient located Hotel in Karachi Pakistan, look no further than Hotel Crown Inn, from here guest can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer with its convenient location. The Hotel offers the easy access to the city must see destinations. .

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Our Standard

1. Commitment to quality
Dedicated to delivering the utmost value to our guest, as well as unparalleled hospitality offerings to curious travelers. The Hotel Crown Inn consistently evaluates potential, using a demanding set of quality standards. Serving as the benchmark for the luxury hospitality industry, the meticulous criteria by which the Hotel Crown Inn judges and accepts new guest are periodically reviewed and revised in order to meet the expectations of today’s sophisticated world traveler.
2. Never serve a food that has expired.
The responsibility of ensuring that food items are safe falls to you, and failing to ensure that standard operating procedures (SOPs), staff, and vendors are all adhering to food safety standards.
3. Quality assurance
Hotel Crown Inn established its product and service standards through Leading Quality Assurance, that conducts anonymous property inspections for the world’s most prestigious hospitality organizations. The detailed point system is designed to cover all phases of the guest experience, from making a reservation to checking out, including every aspect of the property itself from reception, to the back of the house.
4. History of authenticity
Throughout our 11 year history, The Hotel Crown Inn has always prized the individuality and authenticity of our hotels. Our unique set of standards & selection criteria are designed to meet the highest international standards of hospitality.